Razor sharp edges for that extra clean look.

Please contact us for your lawn care needs. I am a neighbor that also lives in Addison, Illinois. I love keeping our community green.

Mike Green


Professional lawn care services for great results.

Mike's Lawn Care and Snow Removal - Welcomes You!

We offer Addison Lawn Care and Landcaping Services. We service the communities of DuPage County for a variety of different lawn care and snow services. Mike provides mowing, weed and feed, fertilization, aeration, and watering. We detach your lawn during the growing season.

Our lawn care services also extends to that of tree services, including maintenance and removal. Low hanging branches can scratch cars, windows, and can even injure a passerby as they walk by your home. Getting Mike’s to come out and take care of your trees and lawn can give your home a lasting appearance, while keeping you and others safe.

When the summer warmth makes way for the fall and winter, you can still count on Mike’s to take care of snow removal for your drive and walkways. When the snow falls, it can be a dangerous time to try and get your car out of the garage or down the sidewalk or even walking out your front door.

Mike’s snow removal will not only clear out your driveways and sidewalks, but you can also expect de-icing to make sure that your home’s pathways are safe for you and your family to walk on.

No matter the season, Mike’s Lawn Care is there for you. When Fall comes back around, you can trust Mike’s to take care of the falling of the leaves in your yard. Don’t worry about trying to rake leaves together just to have them blow away in the wind or through the fun of jumping into a pile, Mike’s cleaning crew will come out and make sure your yard is clean from fall leaves.

Lawn care for DuPage County residents is easily taken care of by our wonderful staff.  We take pride in doing our part to help the community because we also live in Addison, Illinois. Lawn Care and Snow Removal by Mike will be there for you too. Please contact us for any of your needs at (630) 204-2490.