Fall Clean Up Services

After the summer sun begins to hang lower in the sky, before you know it, it’s back to school time. The fall is a great time. The leaves begin to turn different colors, while the temperatures hover between summer and that of winter. You can count on us for Fall Cleanup Services.

And while the changing of the leaves is something to see, it’s nothing to rake up when the leaves from your tree land and then pile up on your lawn. Sure, you could easily rake them yourself, but what happens when the wind takes away from the little pile you had going or you have that sneaky kid – big or little – that just has to land in the pile you had going.

Either way, you’ve still got leaves of red, yellows, and orange still lying across the front and back yards.

Mike’s offers fall clean up service to help you get all your leaves in order. Not only will the great folks at Mike rake all the leaves, but bagging and trashing those leaves are included in the service. Not only does the crew with Mike’s Lawn Care and Snow Removal take care of those pesky leaves, but you can expect them to also make sure that your lawn, flowers, and plants are ready for fall.

fall-clean-up-services-addison-illinoisSome of the features that Mike’s offers:

  • Removing unwanted plant material
  • Ranking leaves
  • Removing leaves
  • Cleaning Gutters
  • Cutting flowers
  • Removing flowers
  • Removing debris from property

With Mike’s crew taking care of the fallen leaves, you and your family can do more things.

When Spring flowers bring in those showers, you can trust Mike’s to come in and clean up your yard for Spring cleaning. Check out Mike’s yard and spring clean up services!