Affordable Lawn Care Services

You might think that taking care of your front or back lawn just requires that you mow it every few days, weeks, or even months, but the folks at Mike’s know there’s more to a lawn and its care than just a pretty appearance.  Regular maintenance of your lawn, including moving, weeding, pest control, fertilizing, etc can leave the busy individual reeling with trying to fit everything in, as well as remembering what to  do when the time comes to start working on the yard.

With Mike’s Lawn Care, they can help explain all of the benefits to mowing your lawn at a certain time, as well the different types of lawns that grow throughout DuPage County. Mike’s not only provides professional care when it comes to your lawn cutting, but they will also check the soil to make sure that grass is growing properly, as well as any needed maintenance in order to keep out weeds and pests from ruining your lawn’s good looks.

We also offer Landscape Services throughout DuPage County.  
Keeping your lawn looking its best isn’t just about keeping your home the best place to live, it’s also about the additional benefits you receive from maintaining your lawn. From mowing to removing the leaves after the fall to trimming, Mike’s Lawn Care and Lawn Cutting in DuPage County is a cut above the rest when it comes to service.

affordable-lawn-care-services-addison-illinoisOur services include:
•    Lawn Care
•    Cutting
•    Landscape Services

With the help of Mike’s Lawn Care and Snow Removal, you can not only add value to your home, but you’re also creating a relaxing environment for friends and family to enjoy, not only in the summer, but all year long. You’re also helping the environment. Did you know that healthy lawn helps to filter contaminants and lowers the carbon dioxide emissions?

Give Mike’s Lawn Care and Snow Removal a call for your landscaping needs.

But don’t stop there! Mike’s isn’t just for landscapes and lawn care; when the summer is over, you can still expect great service for the fall, winter, and spring with their snow removal, fall and spring clean ups.

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