Affordable Snow Removal Services

As part of the state of Illinois, DuPage County sees its share of winters and snow. When the snow fall rises, yards and roads everywhere are dumped in a sheet of white ice. This of course can be extremely dangerous, for both drivers and pedestrians.

The dangers of driving on the ice and snow during the winter can put everyone in danger. For you, the homeowner, a patch of ice that is just sitting on your front porch or a patch that is waiting for you at your car door can injure you in a fall and can even be fatal.

Along with these dangers, there’s also the hassle of trying to travel through ankle or even knee deep snow when trying to reach your car or even your mailbox.

While your city will respond as quickly as possible when it comes to salting the roadways and side streets, they can’t exactly come to your house to clear out your driveway.

Mike’s Lawn Care and Snow Removal can rid you of the dangers, while saving you the headache of trying to remove snow by yourself. Why hire a snow removal company? While hiring snow removal is dependent on where you live, the overall benefit is the ability to not only remove the snow from your driveway, walkway, and even street in front of your house, but additional salting services enable the inability for snow to continue to pile up and thus allowing you to return home without danger.

Mike’s snow removal offers everything you can think of when it comes to clearing the snow from your porch. Included are:Affordable Snow Removal Services Addison Illinois

  • Snow plowing
  • Snow removal
  • Salting

Our experts knows how important it is for you to be able to get to work on time or to get the kids off to school in order to catch the bus; and the only way to get that is for the way to be clear. With various winter storms blowing through the state, residents are well aware the time and money it can cost to try and make it through the snow.

With Mike’s Lawn Care and Snow Removal, you can expect not only having a real snow plowing service done right, but you can also expect salting that can help keep snow at bay. Have guests coming for the holidays? Call Mike’s in order to get your driveway ready for family and friends. Or have them come out before you head out to that big party after work.

Whether it’s two inches of snow or twelve, you can count on Mike’s Lawn Care and Snow Removal to be with you through the snow and winter wonderland DuPage County is used to and expecting. Our services vary by locations.

Think that Mike’s just does summer and winter services? Not so! After the summer sun gets done for those months and before old man winter comes along, the leaves change and then you have piles all over your lawn.

Check out the fall clean up page for the season around the corner!