Affordable Spring Clean Up Services

After months of the harsh cold and snow from old man winter, Spring coaxes residents out in order to feel the sun once more. Spring is the time for rejuvenation and rebirth, for things to awaken after a very long winter sleep and the time for old things to be new again or for new things to replace the old. Along with the arrival of flowers, animals, and even people coming out of their winter hibernation is the annual spring cleaning, the time when you get rid of the old or unneeded, to clear the clutter from spaces that could be used for other useful things.

Many people do their spring cleaning inside the home – cleaning out the bathroom, the bedrooms, and even the home office, but what about your lawn? Believe it or not, your lawn needs spring cleaning to; grass, flowers, and plants all need to looked over, fixed up, or even tossed and you can expect Mike’s Lawn Care and Snow Removal to take care of your spring cleaning needs.

Just as you need to prepare your lawn for the summer, fall, and winter months, spring is another season in which residents need to take stock of their lawns. The crew at Mike’s will take a look at your lawn for you, tasked to find all the telltale signs that snow may have done some damage. We offer services in the following locations:Affordable Spring Clean Up Services Addison Illinois

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Snow mold, for instance, can be a common occurrence during heavy snow fall that can actually prohibit new grass from growing on your lawn. There’s also the possible damage that could happen with that ‘winter soil’ that was used to protect and keep flowers, such as roses. Debris like wood can cause damage to those flowers and plants that you went to do much trouble to save from the winter cold.

Let Fido out to do his business? Mike’s Lawn Care and Snow Removal will take the care to fix any damage done by urine or if damage has been done by the family pet, Mike’s will work to reseed or replace any severely damaged patches. Mike’s will take the time to inspect your lawn in order to devise a plan to get your lawn, flowers, trees, and plants back through their hibernation.

While you and the family cover the spring cleaning on the inside, let the team at Mike’s Lawn Care take care of your yard clean up needs on the outside.